Where are you located?

Suburban Pittsburgh! I can be found spending the vast majority of my time in my home office.


What is your design and photography background?

I started getting my feet wet with web design in my high school days when Geocities was around. I would tinker with PhotoShop 4 and hand-code my HTML as I “developed” websites for chat programs that involved the use of custom avatars. Meeting others via the world wide web helped bridge the digital divide between a small town girl and her dreams of global design domination!

Since then, I’ve done countless self-learning exercises and put in my volunteer time by giving out a handful of free websites to get some good practice. During those formative years, I’d gotten pretty good at troubleshooting and reading HTML and CSS and later building custom websites with WordPress.

I’ve also always been an artist (and nerd!)–like many of my colleagues, I’ve been drawing since I was first able to hold a crayon. I devoured art classes and spent many free moments honing my drawing skills throughout high school until I learned about the field of graphic design thanks to my high school art teachers, Mr. Hoover and Mrs. Benigni. I was so intrigued and had never imagined combining the two things I loved most–art and computer technology. Suddenly, I had a new hobby…

A hobby that I would make my career.

I moved to nearby Frostburg, Maryland, and enrolled in their graphic design program. During my studies there, my photography professor suggested I supplement my design work by continuing with advanced photography courses–all wet darkroom work! I graduated with honors from Frostburg State University with my dual-focus BFA in Art & Design: graphic design and photography. Since then, I’ve taken on a bunch of freelance design projects since I opened shop in 2005. Three professional graphic & web design and photography positions later–I am confident tackling just about any project that comes my way!

To learn more about my professional experience and educational background, feel free to take a peek at my LinkedIn page.


How much is this going to cost me?

Cost depends on a variety of things: the type of project, how quickly you’d like it done, and the amount of time I’ll need to put into it to get the great results you’re expecting.

Why not request a free quote? Give me a little information about your next project, and I’ll be glad to provide a custom-tailored quote.


What kind of information do you need from me before beginning my project?

Before I begin working on your project, I’ll send you a project questionnaire. This will ask you some general questions about your business, your existing marketing materials (if you have any), what sort of websites and designs you like, your personal style, etc. I rely on you completing this as thoroughly as possible because it provides a great starting point for your design.


What is the standard turnaround time for a project?

I typically have initial logo concepts, website mock-ups, and final high-resolution photographs ready for you to view within a week of project commencement. After that, project completion will depend on the required amount of revisions. I recommend allotting about three to four weeks from the start of the project to ensure plenty of time.


What files do I get upon project completion?

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) & PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) – These are vector formats that your printer and future designers will request.

JPEG (Joint Professional Experts Group) – This is a web-ready image saved at 72 dpi (dots per inch). This file is for web only (no printing!), and can be viewed in any browser or email client.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) – This is a web-ready image saved at 72 dpi (dots per inch) with a transparent background. This file is for web only, and can be viewed in any browser or email client.

Optional: TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) – This is a high-resolution, raster graphics image that is flatted and saved at 300 dpi (dots per inch). This file is for printing only, and can usually be viewed in any browser or email client, but occasionally cannot be previewed without professional software. Expect final photographs to be provided in both high-resolution TIFF & JPG formats.


Do I own the rights to the final artwork (logo, business cards, website)?

Upon final payment, you’ll own full copyrights to the final, selected artwork. The only right I like to maintain is to display your finished product in my portfolio and other promotional materials (unless you tell me otherwise before project completion!).

The rights of the unused samples or concepts created during the design phase remain with me.